Return policy

Of course. In the manner prescribed by law. Within 14 calendar days in case of defective or damaged goods. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, a consumer has the right to replace a product or refund money if significant deficiencies are discovered and occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer. Consumer claims for a refund are fulfilled within seven days.


Payment Methods:

  • Cash payment on delivery is possible in all locations on the territory of Ukraine. Payment is made exclusively in national currency.

  • Payment by Visa/MusterCard through the secure payment system LIQPAY to confirm the payment.

Delivery Methods:

Delivery of our products is possible by "Nova Poshta" and "In Time" services. While receiving the order, be sure to check the availability and appearance of each product. In case of damage - you should refuse to pay and receive products. Delivery has been temporarily stopped to Donetsk and Lugansk due to the situation in the eastern region.

Each order is transferred to the delivery service within 3 working days from the time the order is confirmed. The delivery cost to the post office is 60 hryvnas. Approximate term of receiving the order is from 3 to 7 working days. It is possible to make an order at any time, but order processing is carried out: Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 20.00.

What is a poster?

Poster is a printed picture that hangs mostly on the wall as an element of the interior.

How to hang a poster?

The set includes two plastic straps with timbering.

How long does posters last?

There are recommendations for product care and if they are followed well, then poster lasts long.

What to do if the product doesn't come in time?

We make every effort to ensure timely delivery. But delays are possible due to the bad weather and due to the limited traffic on the roads. If there are delays, we will definitely warn you.

Could I get the original image file of my poster?

This is our intellectual property and that allows us to be unique and interesting, so we can't do that.

What does 200 gr/m2 mean?

Paper density is the main characteristic used for printing. The bigger the mass - the thicker the paper. Paper density 200 g/m2 becomes cardboard, so it is a high-quality product, which should be resistant to external influences and deformation.

I have a frame of non-standard size, could I order a poster of such size?

Sure! Just give us the exact sizes you need to print and we'll do it all.

Recommendations for product care

Recommendations for product care. Plastic frames are sensitive to the environment: changes in temperature, humidity, sunlight. No special care is required, but it is necessary to do a light cleaning without the use of detergents. Our products should not be kept in the damp.