modular paintings

What for Modular Pictures are and How to Place them at Home?


The tendency to decorate our housing with various elements of decor is caused by the desire to feel warmth and comfort at home. With the help of modular paintings you can easily update the interior of the apartment with less expenses. Successfully selected paintings will be the highlight of your interior.

The first modular paintings were used for church purposes, for decorating the altar specifically. Only in the Renaissance period these painting were separated from church topic. The most famous example of such modular painting is the creation of Bosch - the triptych called "Garden of Peace".


The current popularity of modular paintings brings the fact that in the final form it is the result of author’s and viewer’s work. The artist puts his strength and inspiration into the development and execution of the plot, and the viewer can vary the content of the picture changing the order of fragments. Creating paintings for mass production eliminates the possibility of working manually on each canvas. In this case, the picture material is printed.

To have a proper effect on the viewer, modular paintings should be placed not only by their taste preferences, but also by certain rules. The most difficult for most people is the topic choice of paintings. Our designers developed recommendations that will help you to place the pictures at home in the best possible way.


Common rules on how to place modular paintings at home

It is important to remember that any picture should be a nice decoration of the room. The interior will look harmonious and complete only if all these elements are combined with each other.

It is important to follow sense of proportion while decorating your home. You should not try to make an art gallery from a small room when no free space is left on the walls.

Small-sized rooms should be decorated with modest paintings. At the same time volume works of art are good for wide room with high ceilings. An important rule of placing modular painting above the furniture - make sure that its size is less than a commode or sofa.

Placing paintings vertically will allow you to create the effect of high ceilings. Horizontally placed paintings will make a small room more spacious. If you want to decorate the staircase with pictures, it is more profitable to place the segments diagonally. Whatever style and method you use it is important that your new painting makes really positive effect on you!