About Us

About Us

BLCK.ink is a printing service from the fans of printing. We propose the superior quality coming for an adequate price.

You can either choose the existing poster in our gallery or make a little experiment and create your own poster with our builder.

How does it work?


You choose art

You choose from hundreds of exclusive and meticulously selected designs online. Each of the available posters is a work of art.

Іконка плакату

You Create art

When the designer's taste is not enough and you need to accurately convey your own emotions, it's time to create a unique poster on your own. On our site, you can create a stylish collage or download a full-size poster.

Іконка подарунку

We deliver

When the design is done, our guys print the poster and prepare the desired frame.

Sizes and frames

Currently, all our posters are printed in standard size A2 (594x420 millimeters). The frames are made of high-quality black plastic and are supplied with a "crocodile" mount. The poster is covered with a protective glass. If you choose a poster without a frame, it is equipped with a pair of special laths that allow you to hang the poster on the wall and avoid unwanted bends and deformations.

Create your own



Нова Пошта лого

Our products delivery is carried out by "Nova Poshta" service. Each order is conveyed to the delivery service within 3 business days from the order payment date. Delivery price to the warehouse — 60 UAH, regardless of the region.


Who makes the design?

There are three types of posters are printed in blck.ink:

1. Exclusive — these are posters developed by us and for us. Our designers design posters embodying their own ideas and such posters are available only on our site.

2. Affiliate posters — posters developed by our partners or found in archives and open sources.

3. Individual — these are posters that are downloaded or developed by our users. These can be Instagram collages, full-size posters, and more.

How can I make a payment

You can pay using Visa / MasterCard cards directly on the site using the LiqPay system. If it is not possible, contact our manager and we will do our best to pick the appropriate option for you. All posters are printed exclusively for the customer, therefore, post-payment is not available.

Does the image spoil in the sunlight?

We print our posters on high-quality paper using the original ink-burning proof. However, if there is a possibility to avoid direct sunlight, it will significantly extend the shelf life of the poster.

Posters packed in a frame with a protective glass are much more resistant to external stimuli, such as sunlight and moisture, so to preserve the poster for many years (decades) we recommend choosing exactly this option in our store.